Splashes & Ripples

I'm just back from the workshop which was for library staffers from not two but three systems (duh)! It was an exhilarating morning. Like all workshops I present, I get far more from the participants than I give. The ideas folks shared were great and I hope to share not just some of the workshop thoughts here but also the ideas that were shared with me!

I always come away from any CE opportunity with ideas on ways to improve or streamline work, creative new programs, solutions to challenges we share in public library children's work, and energy to bring all this into play for my community. Each idea found is like a pearl dropped into water. A splash of insight ("Aha!!") and then ripples upon ripples that lead to other ideas, other thoughts, other paths. We come back to our library and we talk, we share, we think, we build, we grow something new for our families and kids at the library. I mean what could be better?!?

Image: 'Eruption' http://www.flickr.com/photos/24113168@N03/3891599149


  1. That was the BEST CONFERENCE EVER! Srsly. I actually got ideas! I was not bored! I have got huge lists of things that must immediately be done to improve our library blog! I was actually...inspired! I am designing better ways to interact with our school system to promote summer reading right now....

    In the interests of extreme honesty, I usually just go to these system things to hang out with my library bud, Sara. I bring my crochet. I doodle.

    Your presentation? I took NOTES. I have not taken notes since my freshman year in college (except for Dr. Rainwater's Literary Criticism class and that's a whole 'nother story)

    You are the coolest librarian ever!

  2. (Blush) Thanks! It was great meeting you and hope to run into you out here in the 'sphere and in-state in-person again!