Is Everybody In?

Seth Godin's take on curiosity is interesting. It's true, curiosity is dangerous and not often encouraged within structured environments like schools. On the other hand, large institutions like libraries are inherently set up for the curious - the concept of browsing, of kismet, of finding a special book because your curiosity leads you to it. The satisfaction of curiosity as a book is read and thought about.

On the level of work in libraries, we encourage curiosity by exploring -different collection formats, different programs and ways of programming, trying new ways of reaching more patrons and customers. To be curious means that one is willing to keep looking for solutions, trying new stuff and exploring to make things better. Curiosity=change!

I use the line from one of the Door's songs, "Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin," because I think we are ready for that future leap now, that leap of logic, curiosity and commitment that opens us up to adventures in better service and better libraries. Here's to curiosity!


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My partner is an IT guy so I always get a major kick out of this - both from the perspective of the many patient IT folks who have helped me over the years and my own reactions so perfectly mirrored by the frustrated book user!

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I fall over laughing...