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So, as an inveterate ALA attendee, I must admit the same cannot be said for my PLA involvement. I have been a long time PLA member but not as dedicated in heading out to the conferences. I think I know why.

I am a process junkie and committee work and being part of making change happen has always held a great deal of excitement for me. PLA lacks that component. Lots of programs, lots of exhibits, lots of time for hallway conversations with public library colleagues, lots of handouts available that can be downloaded or perused online - plenty of that at PLA. Meetings, not so much.

I like the programs well enough even if, like this year, there was an overabundance of early literacy programs and far fewer elementary school aged stuff (it was there but barely). It stretched me to seek out programs in other tracks and enjoyed those lots as well as enjoying the tweets from sessions I couldn't be at.

Still, though, no meetings. Well, almost. Thank goodness one of the vendors invited a bunch of us to pick our brains on early literacy. I learned alot from my colleagues. And another resourceful colleague pulled together a very ad hoc gathering of youth librarians interested in discussing SLP programs. Hurray!!

So I got my meeting fix after all, got a little Philly history and cheesesteak fix and have had a great time talking to colleagues. Oh, and my good and clever friends who found a loft to rent in Old City that made "going to conference" a little more relaxing and a lot more fun than usual. All in all, not bad.

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  1. Most of the early literacy stuff has been pretty repetitive. I walked out of Betsy Diamant-Cohen's bit this AM and decided I know as much about doing a "Mother Goose On the Loose" program as she does, I just didn't get a book deal! :D

    Am looking forward to NYPL presentation on their summer reading website in the AM, more forays into the exhibits and another lunch at Reading Market! :D