Creating a Reading Environment

I really love the post over at Literacy Launchpad today on creating reading environments that encourage kids to engage with print.  From books, apps, leap pads, library programs, writing paper and pens, she makes sure that her kids have opportunities to engage in literacy.

Without consciously planning for this, I note some of the ways we have incorporated this in our Children's area.  We have multiple special theme displays; lots of face out shelving; books on our "reading boat"; preschool  literacy activities that promote letter recognition, counting, playing with story; a "Story Action Pod" that calls kids to read and write; Early Literacy computers and an area with hands on Boredom Busters that includes multiple ways to engage kids with play and print.

How about you?  What does your library do to create a "reading library" that invites casual interactions with print?

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  1. Awww...it's my storytime peoples!! *sigh* Miss them. Also, amused you're still using the board at the end of the room in the former HP Shrine. If a good thing works?

    I must come see the Reading Boat in action sometime. I'm in awe that you've made it happen!