Getting a Spine

 Above is Travis' second attempt at a poem

Earlier this week, Travis over at 100 Scope Notes invited people to play with arranging random book spines into free verse poems and send him a photo of the results.  Today on the blogosphere's Poetry Friday, the amazing results are on display on his blog.  The poems are playful, thoughtful and, well, random!

This is waaay too much fun and I am afraid will become a new obsession especially in light of April's Poetry Month celebrations.  "Where's Marge....oh, right, in the stacks making poetry again."  Guess I better do a program with this idea - let's say tweens or teens - so I can get away with this most unique way to play with children's and young adult books.


  1. Thanks for sharing! This is fantastic!

  2. Dang, this is awesome! I'm sure to play along and post to my blog about it.

  3. love this idea too! passed it on to our librarian in charge of poetry month :-) thanks for sharin'!