Are You Sleeping?

Well you must be if you don't know about the action happening over at SLJ's Battle of the Books site! Overseen by an able battle commander (the very talented Monica Edinger and Roxanne Hsu) and chatty commentator (Jonathan Hunt), the second annual battle is about to begin.  Sixteen lucsiously interesting books are going to be pitted against each other in a battle royale beginning Monday (YES, THIS MONDAY) with judges that will whittle the pool of combatants down to the eventual winner.  And what judges - stop here to meet them all!

The battle has been preceded with weeks of hilarious build-ups: last year's winning book the Hunger Games gives sound advice to this year's contenders in hilarious cartoons; the Peanut Gallery revving up (helloooo!) and making its first appearance with Battle posts from around the blogosphere; and there is still time for you -yes, YOU - to vote in the "Undead poll" by March 14 for the book that you think is most worthy to stay in contention if it falls out of the brackets through a loss.  All of this is accompanied by tongue-in-cheek sassiness and hilarity. And of course it has given us readers more time to make sure we have finished reading the contenders we somehow missed reading last year!

I know where my first reading stop of the day for the next few weeks will be.  Hope it's your too.  And now let the battle begin!

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