What Makes a Great Youth Librarian?

After talking to children's librarian peers, directors, library educators and library users, I've got some ideas to share on what makes a great children's librarian.

Join me Wednesday, January 23 1-2:00 pm CST for a webinar session at the online Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference sponsored by Wisco's library systems. Registration is still open for this and all 15 webinars presented by national and state speakers.

Session description:
You know them, you’ve seen them, you may even be one! But what factors contribute to making someone a great children’s librarian? You may be surprised at both the universality of the answer as well as the specialized skills and talents that separate the ho-hum from the wowsers! We’ll look at nature vs. nurture; perception vs. reality; what top children’s librarians say are the “must-haves” and the “definitely-don’t-needs; ” and reflect on getting to greatness. Learn how you can step up your game at any time or place in your career (or, if you are a director, coach your staff) to achieve amazingness in youth work.

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