Going to School On Summer Learning/Library Programs

Are you feeling a sense of ennui or dread about your upcoming summer library program?  Are you ready to blast the top off it and re-imagine it as a fun, meaningful feast of discovery, adventure and literacy/learning support for kids?

Join my fab colleague Sue Abrahamson, children's librarian and long-time SLP change agent and me as we teach a 4 week continuing ed course: Creating the SLP of Your Dreams, January 28-Feb 24. We'll look at why we do summer programs, myths and reality of effective programs and look at tips and ways to create programs that fit your community and support kids ongoing learning.

From resources to crowd-sourced wisdom and experience shared by participants, we'll look at approaching SLPs with new ideas and energy. Hope you can join us (10% discount if registered by January 7!).

And don't forget to check out the other amazing youth centered CE that the UW-Mdison iSchool CE Dept is offering after the first of the year!

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