Less Screen Week

My Wisconsin colleague and wonder woman, Sue Abrahamson, from the Waupaca Public Library is my guest today. Rather than go screen-free, the staff decided to make gentle suggestions on ways to introduce activities that have families working their hands and moving away from screens. Best of all, look at the programs the library scheduled to support the families that week!

In Waupaca, we believe it is practically impossible to go "screen-free" so we are calling it "Less Screen Week" and are challenging families to spend one week setting aside more time for activities that do not involve a screen (TV, gaming, computers, and yes.... smartphones!).  Below is our log sheet for families to mark 15 things from the list to be eligible for a prize for their children at the library..... and, of course, it's a BOOK!  They can choose from our prize book selection.

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  1. This is so much more manageable and realistic! Love the idea.