Reading Cave Crave

Last week I got a new office chair (my back thanks you!)

The next day, our office manager offered us the box it came in.

I found the good boxcutter. Intrepid Brooke found the brown butcher paper, scissors and a mile of tape and 45 minutes later...

I hope you note the nifty skylights, the comfy bean bag and the exclusive nature of our box...ahem Reading Cave. No sooner was it done, then kids hopped inside one by one for a relaxing read. 

Even better, that very afternoon, as part of our DIY "kids-decorate-the department" effort, our plain cave was transformed with cave paintings:

Now come on, do we work in a great profession or what?!?!


  1. You should display the book "Not a Box" by Antoinette Portis on top of there :-)

  2. Love this idea! I am going to try it with my son.

  3. Don't you think it could damage the child's eyesight overtime?

    1. Good question! It's easy to cut more "light holes" into the cardboard if that's a concern. It is actually lighter inside than the photo shows.