If You Build It - Pre-SLP Thoughts

We are there at that place right now, right here - our summer reading program, the greatest of youth library passive programs, starts Monday.

The school promo visits are done.

The PR is up and out.

The materials are stacked and ready.

The displays up and stocked with good reads.

The events lined up and ready to go.

The dirt is in the square foot garden ready for planting

The "Awesome Box" covered and ready for book recommendations

The Mystery Reads bagged and stocked.

The database cleared and ready for the kids' data.

The teen volunteers trained and scheduled.

The strategy for lightning orientation for groups who use the library agreed upon.

The team feels ready. Alert, primed for action and excited to get the show on the road. It will be chaotic, exciting, exhausting, exhilarating, frustrating, noisy and celebratory. Every day will bring in mobs, groups, waves and rock and rolls of kids and families.

On ALA Think Tank, one comment likened this pre-summer readiness to waiting for a battle to begin. I can't disagree. Now we wait to see if they will come!

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