Toddler Drive-In Movie

Pinterest has often led us to a serendipitous program or idea.  One we tried last night to general delight and squealing "OMG, that is too cute!" is a Toddler Drive-in Movie.

We spotted the idea on Pinterest and our two early literacy librarians jumped right on it. Between them, they do all our storytimes for kids birth through 3 years old. During storytime breaks they usually cook-up an idea to bring the families back - whether it's a dance party or a stealth program introducing families to different parts of the collection.

This one is definitely a wowza!  With some leftover book boxes, paper plates for wheels and paper bowls for headlights, kids and parents worked on making little cars for the kids.  Once the cars were made there was time for a short 10  minute children's book movie and then kids took their cars home.

That's it. That simple.  And that darn delightful. A mom who came in the next day reported that her son watched Sesame St in his car that morning.  This is a program we will definitiely revisit!


  1. I love this idea! I had it pinned and was planning to do it during the winter. Such a fun idea. Glad to hear it was a hit!

  2. Adorable and easy! There are always boxes lying around the library. Wow. I'm feeling inspired.

  3. I love this program/craft idea. I'm structuring my September Evening Family Story Time around the cars and drive-in concept. It's not all the time I think to promote our DVDs in programs, but this is a great, engaging way to do so.

  4. "10 minute children's book movie?" What is that? What do you mean? I LOL-ed when I saw the "cars." Super cute idea!

    1. One of the little Weston Woods films based on children's books. I think Scholastic has re-packaged these. All well done!

  5. We're doing this program on Monday! I can't wait! Thanks for the great idea! -Andrea