Spooky Camp-out

Because the national CLSP theme is so darn-tooting varied - and because, in my heart of hearts, I don't believe we even need to stick to any theme - I found it ridiculously easy to program this year.  We are doing an overall space theme but I also thought spooky stories and a camp out would be uber-swell.  So Friday night, after hours, we re-opened the library for a family campout.

Everyone brought blankets and flashlights. We pulled all the chairs away from tables and encouraged parents and kids to set up their tents in any way they wanted. Books were everywhere (including a fine selection of spooky stories for every age). We played the movie soundtrack from Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone softly over the P.A. which lent a magical air to the proceedings.

After a half hour or so we gathered in the program room near our plug-in campfire (borrowed from LMC director friend) and read scary stories from some of our books.  Everyone was served a cup of "walking s'mores" - we learned that 2 boxes of honey grahams, plus 2 # of chocolate chips, plus one bag of mini-marshallows mixed together and served in dixie cups perfectly treats 50 hungry kiddos.

The book check-out was great. The families loved being alone in the library.  And two other staffers and a few teen volunteers made set-up, doing the program and clean-up a snap. Boo!

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  1. What a fun idea! Something really special about being in the library after hours and camping out is always a treat for kids.