Blogsy - Are You My New Conference Friend?

So I'm fretting about how much digital tonnage I will need to take to ALA conference this week. Iphone - check. Ipad - check. Hulking heavy 5 year old laptop that breaks my back - gulp, check. I always need my laptop because, although I heart my Ipad, it is a bear to post with. Formatting means nothing to it and my posts have to wait until I get a computer at ALA to fix the monkey formatting.

While lamenting this on twitter, tweep @mciszek, suggests Blogsy, an Ipad app that could make my life bright and free at conference. Laptop dog could stay home? Ooooh. Ahhhhh. I have never been an early adapter (still waiting for contacts to be perfected - it's only been forty- nine years since Brian Belisle got his in fourth grade and I'm waiting to hear whether he's gone blind yet). I am always appreciative of friends and colleagues who plunge into the scrum of new tech/apps and etc and find goodies that they share with me to make life better.

Soooooooo. App downloaded. Video how-to guides quickly perused. This test post almost written. Launch!!!


  1. It likes me! It likes me! Now just a little more experimenting with making live links, pictures and off I go!

  2. Blogsy is a great little app. I'm glad you're finding it useful!