Are We Really Glittery Cockroaches?

Hey-yell yes!  The always provocative Hi Miss Julie has a fascinating series of blog posts about to begin that are based on her hilariously skewed recent tweet,  "Children's librarians will always survive. We are adored. We are loved. We are the glitter covered cockroaches of the library world".

She goes on in her first post on this subject to tell librarians from all types of libraries to follow the model of what youth services librarians do to find their karmic pathway to success: "we provide unique, superior value and we make sure people know about it. Also, we’re the nicest people in the library world, and that keeps people coming back."

Julie will be following her first post with a series of posts on services children's folks do really well. I can't wait. Now where's my glitter?

Image: 'iPhone Background - PARTY!!!'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/60057912@N00/5596912586

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  1. Glitter-covered cockroaches? lol That sounds like what my co-workers think of me this time of year--that person who has all the fun doing the kids program and makes the library extra crazy for everyone else to deal with.