Leaving with Class and Style

I ran into a post from my friend Ingrid, the Magpie Librarian this week that I really adore. She talks about the process she went through as she decided to accept another position in her library system. In this thoughtful post, she considers what she should share, how she should break the news to her patrons and when she should say good-bye.

Most impressive to me is her care in taking responsibility for the decision and not trashing and burning her way out of a job that seemed to have had some tough personnel aspects. She wants the transition for her patrons to be painless and wants to make sure her colleagues left behind short-staffed for the short term get the benefit of her planning and leaving updated files and info.  Her tips are so thoughtful I had to share.

In the same vein, Jen the Youth Services Librarian's in a recent blog post revealed she would be leaving her job in weeks and shared the programs she had planned for the summer she won't be there. That is so thoughtful. Today on Facebook she posted a picture of the storytime mom and kids who surprised her with a goodbye visit.  You receive in karma what you give.  Both of these librarians do and will!

 Image: '004/365'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/29559659@N03/6010519164


  1. Great post! Those links. are just what I needed. I am leaving my job and want to do it with the least amount of drama possible.

  2. I think the only thing to add would be not to criticize whoever takes over your job. He/she is a different person and will be doing the job differently. My predecessor emailed my boss to complain about me, if you can believe it. By the way, I've never even met this person! But she sure has made an impression.

    1. OMG, what a complete nightmare. I so loathe people who CANNOT let go. I should do a post on THAT!! My rule of thumb has been when I leave a job, committee, board or whatever, I leave. If someone wants to touch base with me for advice or a question, I'm available. But I figure everyone is perfectly capable of handling the tasks without blowback from me.