What the....?!?!?!?!

You know how I posted a few weeks ago about how much I loved the calm days just prior to and during the holidays?

I must have angered the gods and goddesses because this first week of the new year has been rockin' out crazy.  I suspect everyone put off tasks and to-do's "until after the New Year", and man, we've all been busy like little beavers.  My email inbox has been bursting with requests and my own finger over the "Send" button has been tapping feverishly. And stuff around the library...aieee!

What's up?
- ALA annual housing opened up and negotiations needed to happen with my roommate
- a major typo mix-up in a handout precipitated massive negotiation between a couple of departments to create the right solution
- continuing planning on our efforts to bring in every 2nd grader in for a class visit went into high gear
- emailing art teachers with an art contest entry in collaboration with our local Earth Week committee
- helping to oversee the melding of our Youth Dept shelvers into the Circ department
- negotiating a venue for our state library association's Foundation fundraiser
- working with a colleague to suggest ways to move a request through the ALSC board
- continued detail work on eleven upcoming SLP workshop presentations in two states
- helping support a colleague across the state in a touchy situation
- starting to blog on our youth services blog and recruit a posse of colleagues to help create content
- get ready for ALA midwinter: first ALA council sessions; finish writing up cool programs for a "101 Great School Age Programs" for my committee; prep for ALSC Nominations Committee meeting
- empty out my office bookshelves for transfer into colleagues' offices and prep for new bookshelves
- looking over a colleague's resume
- meeting as library rep with our local Storytelling Festival committee to solidify plans
- getting the news that a website is up for an advisory committee I was part of and we need to help provide some good content
- working some desk time

I could go on. Suffice it to say the 2012 has started with a bang and here I gooooooooooooooooooo!

How's about you?

Image: 'Crazy Kawaii Bot'   http://www.flickr.com/photos/7315825@N04/4837849029


  1. I love the idea of a Storytelling Festival. In Australia, 2012 is our National Year of Reading, so that's gearing up to be huge!

  2. This one has been going 10 years. It's really fun but lots of behind the scenes planning!

  3. Ugghh... I pushed myself too hard in the last part of 2011, so 2012 has started for me with nearly a week off sick from work. I WANT to be rarin' to go, so let's hope that a couple more days of rest are just what I need to kick this thing and get back into gear.

  4. I liked reading all the ways you are collaborating and mentoring because that is needed AND what we do best. :)Happy New Year!