Hot Stuff!

The ALSC blog, as Abby the Librarian mentions, has been on fire lately.  The content has truly popped and the guest contributors have flooded the blog with great practical and philosophical ideas on youth librarianship.  It has become my go-to stop for ideas to sparkle up my creativity and jumpstart services.  I mean in one week they had posts on a giant Kid Experience program, special needs storytimes, serving teen parents, floor-etry and mirrors to occupy kids at Circ desks! Man, I can use them all.

It's great to have a professional association blog that doesn't just function as the voice of the office, informing us of news of note, event deadlines and minutiae within the association. We need that stuff but that isn't content to get us rocking. We've all subscribed to blogs like that out of duty but it doesn't really inform our work on the front lines.

Now they have a survey up asking about how they are doing and what kind of content you, the reader, want. Please head on over and let ALSC know. And if you haven't already, put them on your "must-read" blog list!

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