Three Favorite ALA Midwinter Moments

1. Meeting blogger Eva from Eva's Book Addiction and her Los Angeles Public library coworkers at a reception held for SLJ reviewers.  It was better than putting a name to a face - it was meeting a woman whose mind, words and thoughts I have admired.  I love it when the blogosphere and the real world mash up to bring us together.

2. Finding this Facebook post from Nancy McC, a colleague attending ALA "Overheard a local asking a conference center security person,  'Is there some type of librarian festival going on here?' When I said "Why yes, there is a librarian festival," he replied "Librarians are cool...reading is fundamental!" Seriously. Probably 22, looked like Wilt Chamberlain, complete with girlfriend.  I am so wanting to rename our conferences "Librarian Festivals"!!

3. Having a set of recommendations on creating more opportunities to participate virtually accepted by the ALSC board. The subcommittee I was involved in worked long and thoughtfully and wrestled with this and it was great to help create a roadmap for our path to that goal.


  1. It was so great meeting you, too! My colleagues think you're awesome, as well - and it was NOT due to the wine, I swear.
    Here's to another year of staying out of ruts...

  2. I love the idea of renaming the conferences to "Librarian Festivals." Great seeing you this weekend.