Wrap Your Head Around Post PLA Wrap-ups

Ok, ok, I couldn't make it and still have enough staffing available for our youth area.  But that doesn't mean I didn't wish I could go.  Now, thanks to bloggers around the kidslibrary blogosphere, reports of sessions from the Public Library Association's Portland conference are starting to come in. Eva M over at Eva's Book Addiction has a great post about a session that focused on training staff at all levels to be welcoming to kids and teens using the library.

We all know the drill.  We build it - great programs, a welcoming atmosphere, cool stuff for teens, great stuff for families - and in they come!  But teens, families and kids bring a level of activity and sometimes chaos that can be a challenge to staffers not directly serving these age groups. Yet, staffers beyond children's folks should find ways to welcome these groups and support them.  Training is a key part of this process - as well as support of the administration in placing value in kids and understanding their needs.  Whether we come from a small library or a multi-branch system, we each can do our part to promote helping our co-workers understand our clientele better.

Thanks Eva for a thoughtful post!

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