This is One of the Many "Who We Are"s

My friend and colleague Georgia over at Come into Delight has a lovely post about working with a young, bewildered parent sharing custody of a child. In the course of offering assistance in finding AR books, she learns that the parent is worried about the loss of reading skills that the child might suffer over the summer while with the other non-library-using parent.  That interaction leads her to an idea of making a SLP on-the-go-pack so that parent and child can still share books over vacation.

This kind of hatching and evolving ideas to meet the needs of our library users is something that all library staffers can and should do.  Sometimes it is as easy as developing a quick list; sometimes it is a long-negotiated path to a new service that stretches us but really answers patron needs.  I believe this is the essence of our service - finding ways to bring books, literacy, information and people together.  With luck and persistence we listen and develop the library and services our community needs.

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