Is the Book Future Now?

Travis over at 100 Scope Notes found a verrrry interesting post with a video of a publisher using Ipad to demo how its books might be accessed and it is pretty interesting. The Ipad to Kindle looks like a Maserati to a Model T. Whoosh!

As someone who spent her tween/teen/and early adult years voraciously reading science fiction (I kind of skipped the children's literature of that time) and thinking about what the future might hold, I have to say that the Ipad is getting pretty close to what I envisioned reading to be like -someday. Ipad potentially could combine the power of reading with the power of interconnectivity - and that is where I think I start moving away from books - whoops, did *I* say that?

I hope there is a way for publishers and authors to be part of this amazing gestalt - and earn the money they deserve. I am not looking for free content - I am looking to free the content up!

Image: 'robot invasion' http://www.flickr.com/photos/60648084@N00/2458233987

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