Holiday Books ...On Holiday!

Over at Booklights, Susan has a delightful post that is worth a link on your library's blog if you have one for the public.  The audience for Booklights, a PBS sponsored blog, is parents and families.  The writers share tips on books and literacy and there is always a fresh bright perspective.

In today's post, Susan gently explains to people what happens when they look at the library for a holiday book to check out just prior to a holiday.  Usually, all they'll find is a few tattered and picked over titles - the dregs.  While this is obvious to us as library staffers, it is an important piece of info for folks who walk in and wonder why we don't have anything for them. 

Few libraries have the budget to spend endlessly on holiday materials; many of us create temporary limits on loan periods or limits on numbers of books that can be checked out.  We want everyone to have a little something.  And in the post, Susan reminds readers that it is good to be aware that many people want these same subjects - and that it is good to share!

We'll be posting this on our Parent's Page - it's good advice, well delivered!

Image: 'happy St Patrick's Day!'   http://www.flickr.com/photos/41403643@N00/424096833

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