The Battle Marches On...

I am telling you...real life (congressional votes); sports life (B-ball's March Madness) and reading life (SLJ's Battle of the Books) are making this one amazing March!  Nothing is predictable, everything is changeable and everybody I am reading and talking to is twirling around going, "What?", "Woot!", "What!", "What next?!?!". 

I am right there whirligigging.  I cannot predict! Brackets shot! Eyes opened! Eyes squinched shut!  There goes a favorite!  Hurray, somebody agrees with me besides my spouse!  Throw the bums out! Foul! Fair! Out of bounds!  Are they crazeee?!?!

After a week of furious action at BOB, I am appreciating the impossible tasks we have set our judges to.  I am glad I get to be a peanut (thanks for the t-shirt, oh Battle Commanders..I shall wear it with pride!) and not be one of them! Talk about the horns of a dilemma each day .They are doing a great job weighing this and that as appples and oranges get compared. I am holding up, like a candle against the darkness, the return from the dead (perhaps) of my top favorite.  Krikey-o-mikey! Here's to the week ahead!

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