Propsz to Scieszka

I wonder what my children's-librarian-work-life and my reading life would have been like without the sheer insouciance of Jon Scieszka? Duller, for sure. How have I been changed? Here are just a few of the ways...

First off, I was able to find a last name more challenging to spell and pronounce than my own.

In my first introduction to his books, I was treated to a take on fractured fairy tales that was bright, sly and way-out-of-left-field chaotically hilarious. That fearlessness, that sassy voice and careening ride through his plots never changed and always delights me. If I need a laugh, I pick up one of his books.

Recommending his books to kids always results in a home run. Because of Jon I have achieved goddess-like status with kids. Thanks Jon!

Due to Jon and his buddy Mo Willems, I have an unbreakable date at ALA for Demco's Book Cart Drill Team World Championships. With those two as emcees, happy chaos (as in the dictionary definition: "the infinity of space or formless matter supposed to have preceded the existence of the ordered universe") reigns.

Finally, because - beyond his great humor - he has been an articulate advocate for kids, books, reading , encouraging boys to read, libraries and literacy, my work has been made immeasurably easier. Thanks for taking up the baton (oh, I mean the scepter) and the sash, Jon. Ya done good.


  1. And Jon replies via A Year of Reading:

  2. Thanks ML-W. Glad I could help elevate you to goddess status. See you at the next World Championships.

  3. Baton...scepter...maybe magic wand??? :-)