Teens Say "We Heart You"

Teen programs take many forms - from gaming to parties to podcasting and webcasting to...well, whatever. We are fortunate to have a very active Teen Advisory Council (TAC) at our library and a dynamic Teen Librarian, Linda Jerome. The TAC kids brainstorm ideas for a monthly teen program. Yesterday, the teens did a terrific "We Heart You" program that put the focus on positive messages for their peers and little kids.

Linda Jerome relates "Our Teen Advisory Council came up with the idea of spreading a little Valentine’s cheer by creating paper hearts to put in random books in our children’s and teen collections. Teens wrote positive messages (similar to what you might find on a candy heart) and decorated the paper hearts and then placed them in books for children and teens to find. The hearts placed in children’s books also had an additional sticker on them which directed kids to bring the paper heart to the Children’s Room desk for a little treat. Teens had a great time both coming up with messages and decorating the paper hearts as well as “hiding” them in books throughout the collections. We are curious to see how many of the hearts are turned in at the Children’s Room desk over the next few weeks!"

A day after the program, the first thrilled preschooler sidled up to the desk with the biggest grin on his face and a found "heart" in hand. The two little chocolate kisses he received completed the moment. This is an easy program and let teens show their "helping" side. What a sweet treat!

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